Give it Away, Give it Away

revolution themesWhen you’re cleaning out your closet and your garage and your basement over the next couple of weeks, your mind will quickly turn those old pieces of trash into cash as you fantasize about fencing your gear on eBay, Craigslist or in a Garage Sale.

But if that trash of yours doesn’t become someone else’s treasure in a money way, there is still a chance to recycle that old couch or rowing machine or pair of skis back into the economy.

It’s called Freecycling. You’ve got something you don’t want, you just want to get rid of it, so you offer it up for free.

The Freecycle Network is a non-profit grass roots movement with over 4,000 local groups and over 4 million members all over the world. The idea behind it is to keep unwanted belongings out of landfills by offering them up to anyone who might want them. Each local group is moderated by volunteers.

When you search your area, you get a list of nearby local groups. Once you decide which group to join, you’re led to that group’s Yahoo!Group page. The other side of it, of course, is that you can acquire stuff that’s being offered up by other members.

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