Global TV: 7 Geeky Easter Eggs

Okay, you know what an Easter Egg is – a tasty treat hidden by the Easter Bunny, but do you know what an easter egg is? These are usually something tricky hidden by developers for people to find and discover on their own – a special little treat, just like their chocolate cousins.

Here are a few geeky easter eggs you can try to celebrate the season:

As you saw with last weekend’s onslaught of April Fool’s pranks, Google has a great sense of humour. Here are some of the search giant’s classic easter eggs:

Type “do a barrel roll” into your Google search window and your entire screen will magically rotate. (Note: doesn’t always work in Internet Explorer, so use Firefox, Safari, or Chrome)

Now try “askew” Yes, it tilts your screen, just a little askew.

Good luck trying to find Chuck Norris. Type his name and press I’m feeling lucky and Google responds with Chuck Norris jokes.

Those were easy, but true “easter eggs” require a few mystery keystrokes to unveil the secret. If you have Google Reader, do these cursor keys: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. A ninja then pops onto your screen and into your search box!

Google’s Flight Simulator started out as a fun easter egg, but was so popular that it’s now a full part of Google Earth. You can find it at Tools > Enter Flight Simulator


There are many fun discoveries for those who spend hours playing with Apple‘s Siri. The voice commands for iPhone are meant to help you manage your calendar, search for items, and other things while hands free. Still, people are asking Siri to “open the pod bay doors“, “what’s the meaning of life?“, “who’s your daddy?“, “knock knock“, and “I love you.”

Your Mac is also pretty funny, if you open voice controls you can actually say “Computer. Tell me a joke” and have a knock knock conversation. Impressed my 4 year old all afternoon with that one.

H&M. Not only does it have previews on the clothes and styles, but every now and again when you shake the app, an Easter Egg will pop up. A discount. I’ve seen it a few times, so grab the app and shake it when you shop to see if you can get a discount.

Or, go old school and get Angry Birds Seasons which has a number of spring and Easter themed levels.

If you missed the segment, here it is:



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