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Here are the segment notes and links from March 18, 2012:


If you’ve ever ripped out the pages of a magazine and kept them in a file folder while you plan a wedding, you already understand what Pinterest is all about.

Pinterest is the talk of the social web this year with traffic growing exponentially and marketers scrambling to take advantage. The idea is simple. As you wander the web, you can grab images from articles and websites and pin them to your own boards at Pinterest.

Your boards can be about baking, hair styles, vacations, fashion, art, inspiration, and more. So popular is the site, (70% female) it’s being cited as one of the timesuckers that is cutting into Facebook‘s traffic numbers.

Even with all this growth, Pinterest is still invite only. Let me know if you’d like one and I’ll gladly pass one along.

While guys can get in on the pinning, Gentlemint is a copycat with a definite manly twist with categories geared towards cars, suits, and gadgetry.

Snaptax is a free app that lets you do your taxes, with your iPhone. If you’ve got a simple return (under 65, just a T4, no kids, or dependents) simply take a picture of your T4 and this app does the rest.

If you missed the segment, you can view it here:



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