Global TV: Social Media Monitoring The Alberta Election

Alberta goes to the polls on Monday in an election that has been fought in the trenches of social media. What sailed along as a simple campaign for the first few weeks, descended into chaos when Twitter users started to dig through candidate backgrounds and the viral nature of sharing spread the message.

If you’re undecided, and want to keep track of some last minute volleying for support, the #abvote hashtag is the hub of the discussion on Twitter.

You can access that discussion forum without a Twitter account, it’s free to sit on the sidelines and see the links and discussions fly. Head to and simply type in #abvote to see all the tweets talking about the election. Hashtags for the leading parties are #wrp, #ndp, #abparty, #ablib and #pcaa.

Search Twitter for #abvote

If you want to branch out from the Twitter website and have a detailed comparison of the debate as it happens, you can use apps like TweetDeck or HootSuite. These applications can create side by side windows of hashtags that automatically update so you can compare things in realtime.

monitoring hashtags with hootsuite

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to place your vote, it’s easy to find where to vote at You can check if you’re registered, make sure you have the ID requirements handy, and find your polling place.

Elections Alberta

It’s going to be gorgeous today, sunny and 20 something. If you’re not in yard, you will be outside, so why not wander the trails and pathways of the city. Better yet, go and head to an area of the city you’ve never been to before.

Pick the opposite quadrant and go and get lost. Actually, don’t get lost use the City of Calgary’s Pathways and Bikeways free app to find some new places to explore.

Here’s video of the segment:



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