Global TV Tech Buzz: Apple News and #OrangeForYYC2

“It is without doubt, the greatest computer we’ve ever built.”

That’s Jony Iove, Senior Vice President of Design for Apple talking about the new MacBook Pro that was unveiled this week in San Francisco.

Yes, the greatest computer Apple has ever built, is a laptop. Despite engineering us towards a ‘post-PC world’ with leaps like the iPhone and iPad, the greatest computer they’ve ever created is one that has a keyboard, and sits on a desk.

While some were saying the iPad was going to make notebook styled computers obsolete, it’s safe to say with this horsepower and technology put into the new MBP, the desktop computer may be obsolete.

So what’s new: retina display, thinner, all flash memory, horsepower. And it’s not cheap. Starting at over $2 000, the new MacBook Pro starter edition is almost double the cost of a starter iMac.

There were other announcements at Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC). Specifically related to Mountain Lion and iOS6, the forthcoming operating systems of the Mac line, and the iPad/iPhone/iPod line.

Mountain Lion will be available as a $20 upgrade next month and brings things to the desktop we’ve seen on iPhone, like notification centre.

ios6iOS6 whispers at what will be possible with a new iPhone release anticipated this fall. Siri will soon speak “Canadian”, and will be able to perform more tasks like seek out sports scores, help with dinner reservations, and post to Facebook. In fact, there’s a lot of Facebook integration coming with iOS6. Just as Twitter was ‘baked in’ to the last upgrade, the same will happen with Facebook. Passbook has also been added to iOS6 which promises to keep all your customer loyalty cards in one place. You’ll also be able to keep movie, airline, and concert tickets in Passbook.

That’s just scratching the surface, there are more than 200 features added to iOS6. Check out Andy Ihnatko‘s easy to read play-by-play of the event to get more insight as to what’s on the way.

All in all, it was 2 straight hours of geekery that had many people waving their credit cards in the air for the new hardware and excited about the possibilities the new software will bring.


So what’s with all the #OrangeForYYC2 you’ve been seeing in my twitter stream of late? It’s all part of a charity contest ING Direct is holding to promote a panel they’re hosting on June 21. I’ll be on the panel with Lori Stewart and Peter Aceto.

As part of the 3 Things for Calgary initiative, the panel will be discussing social media and community involvement in the city. ING Direct has put $3333 on the line to the panelist that can have their hashtag mentioned the most before the event. ING Direct CEO, Peter Aceto, is supporting Boys and Girls Clubs. Lori Stewart is supporting Making Changes. I’m supporting Team Diabetes.

If you’d like to join the event on Thursday, free tickets are still available. Regardless if you can make it or not, I’d love it if you hashtagged everything #OrangeForYYC2 on Twitter until Thursday.



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