Global TV Tech Buzz: Carpool Tech

As we start to settle in to the fall routine, the biggest thing you’ve probably noticed the past week is the increase in traffic. Everyone is back to work, back to school, and on the roads. Here’s a rundown of some great gear that can help you get the most of your time in traffic:

Motorola HX550
If you don’t have a bluetooth enabled car, then you NEED to get a bluetooth headset. It’s a simple earbud that communicates with your phone and lets you get your calls done in traffic (even texting with the Android MotoSpeak app). I’ve seen some people try to get away with holding a phone on speaker in front of their face – according to the cops that’s still distracted driving. So get a little piece like this and you’ll be good to go. Pro tip: take it out when you’re not driving, they look silly.

Drone Mobile
As we get into winter, you’ll soon appreciate the pleasure of a remote starter. This little toy takes the remote starter and makes it an app on your phone. You can also use Drone Mobile to GPS track your vehicle (in case you give it to the kids) and see if the vehicle is running, if the doors are open, and more.

boyo visions backup rear view mirrorBoyo Visions
Your dash and windshield can get cluttered with many different screens, this advanced rearview mirror can show you your backup camera right in the mirror. A bonus feature is it has bluetooth built in to the mirror. If you don’t like the ear buds (above), then this is another solution to help you get hands free when you drive.

Pioneer Bluetooth Video Deck
Here’s a chance to really pimp your ride. If you have an older vehicle and want to modernize it, this double deck unit will bring a lot of features to the fore. You can have a digital GPS, bluetooth hands free pairing for your phone AND a DVD player. Okay, a DVD player in the car isn’t the best thing, but if you have younger kids and you run the car pool, popping a video in while you wait for the kids in the parking lot can be a great time killer. (There is a feature so the DVD player won’t work when the car is in motion).

canadian tire eliminator inverterEliminator Inverter
This toy turns your car into a power station, as everyone scrambles to get last minute projects done on the way. You can plug the inverter in to the car adapter and it will turn the DC to AC so you can power phones, laptops, tablets, and more. Toss in a USB hub and everyone can make sure their phones and tablets are fully charged for the day ahead.

Bike Charge
I realize a lot of people also ride their bikes to work, and this new Bike Charge helps you get your phones fully ready for the day ahead. As long as you maintain a pace near 20km/h, you can pump out some juice to your devices. A 3 hr ride will be needed to fully power a phone, but you can still top up the juice on your morning commutes.

global tv traffic appAPP OF THE WEEK: Global Traffic
Let’s keep this one in the family with a new app from the Global Traffic Department. Leslie Horton does a great job talking up traffic on tv, and tweeting out updates, but now there’s an app that can help you plan out your routes in the morning. You pop in the route you usually drive, and with just one click it can give you a time estimate for travel. You can also scan a map of the city and see where trouble is, or check out the traffic cameras, and it will also send text alerts when there’s a problem on your route.

Just remember, it’s not an app you can use on the road, get someone else in the carpool to fire it up and help navigate.



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