Global TV Tech Buzz: Fresh Apples Arrive For iPhone Friday

Fresh Apple Friday With The Release of New iPhones

[twitter]It’s the day fresh Apples arrive in store with the release of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. It’s a return to old style for the Cupertino company. While the iPhone 5C was available for pre-order, the iPhone 5S is only in stores and that created .. lineups. Apple got their news story and the crowds came.

This morning I sat down with Scott Fee on Global Calgary to talk about new phone trends, what to expect with the latest iPhone and if it’s something you should pick up. The video is above.

Here are some more of my thoughts on iOS 7 and the new iPhone models.

iOS 7

The new OS is sleek, elegant, pretty. Jonny Iove, the man responsible for designing the iPod, is doing the interface now. So no more skumorphism where it was made to look like fake leather, wood grain, etc. We have a very light, modern appearance … it’s almost Googley .. the sort of thing Google has been doing the past few years with thin fonts and lots of white space

My wife wants to know if it’s worth changing. Well, there are improvements, but mostly it’s the look that has changed. If you’re fine with a design change, grab it. If you like your phone now, take some time to play with other people’s phones, or at the Apple store, to see if you can handle the new look.

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5C is basically an iPhone 5 with a polycarbonate case. It feels like an elegant enamel, not like plastic, but there isn’t really a significant hardware upgrade in this phone. It’s Apple’s world play by targeting emerging markets like China.

The iPhone 5S has the horsepower with what Apple is calling desktop calibre processor. This is all about image editing. A bigger processor grabs bigger chunks of data to process images better. Image improvements is what consumers told Apple they wanted, and that’s where they are focusing. These devices really have become more camera/computers than phone/computers.

The fingerprint technology is the real innovation here and Apple has tied it to iTunes out of the box. It is a recognition that our iTunes passwords are complex and tough on the small keyboards, so having it tied to money right away says they are very confident with the technology. Could we see this sort of thing expanding to other point of sale? Already we can tap our debit cards with chips, could we tie our fingerprints to the chip?


New iPhones are a want, not a need. There is no reason to line up and get this phone on opening day. A new body type will be out in a year or so. You have to decide if you always need the latest or if you’re fine throwing the new iOS on your phone and having that as an upgrade.

Really, all the phones are starting to hit an equal platform, so I’m seeing no need to rush out to any of them. Take some time, head to the Apple Store and play in the petting zoo before you really decide if you need to take a bite of a fresh apple.



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