Global TV Tech Buzz: Geek Gifts For Her

[twitter]Macbook Air [$999] The Macbook Air has come a long way, baby. When this device was first unveiled they bragged about how it could fit inside a manila envelope. One reporter famously disposed of his device in a stack of newspapers to the recycling bin. The device is still thin, but the battery life and performance has soared over the past 4 years. Solid state hard drives make it quiet, you can go an almost entire day without plugging it in and it fits into a shoulder bag, purse, or under your arm. For anyone on the go, this is a stylish and sensible device.

iPod Nano [$149] The new iPod Nano has a touch screen and a few apps, but none that you can install or swap out. It’s like the first iteration of the iPhone. A touch screen and the apps that Apple says you’ll need and no more. Still, this has what you need. You can listen to music, watch videos, sort your pictures and track your workouts. This player fits easily into a pocket, you can put it in a arm band and you won’t even notice it’s there. Bluetooth makes this a great device to take your tunes everywhere.

iPhone Cases
When my wife switched to the iPhone it took her 3 days before she dropped it and broke it. She got it fixed and immediately did it again. Even with a LifeProof case, her screen broke. So I got her a fancy Tory Burch iPhone case for her birthday and it has stayed snug in her palm ever since. The catch? It’s a grippy plastic. Now my wife’s work has given everyone iPhone 5’s this week. Guess who has already dropped her phone? Santa will be putting a new case in her stocking, and they’re not all boring. Many designers are on board with cases, so don’t look in the usual places – high end boutiques carry iPhone cases too.

Glider Gloves [$17.99] The greatest invention since the invention of Twitter and the iPhone. Regular gloves don’t work on touch screens. Our world is inundated with touch screens. Canada has winter, so that means taking off your mitts to do everything from tweet at the bus stop to using the outside ATM. Glider Gloves are woven with connective fibres that let you work your touch screens with your gloves on! Absolute genius and a must for anyone addicted to their phone.

Kobo Arc 7″ 32GB Touchscreen Colour eReader [$249] There are all sorts of tablets to choose from this year and the Kobo Arc is one of them. This 7″ tablet runs Android, so you can hook up to Google Play and get apps, you can use it for email, watching movies – and of course books too. It also watches what you read, listen to, and watch, and will recommend new content based on things you already like. It has a camera for video chat and is crash tested to withstand slips from about 4′.

ASUS 10.1″ Intel Atom N2600 Netbook

Nest [$249] For a thermostat makes the list of 10 best gadgets of the year, it has to be a damn fine thermostat. The brainchild of the development team that brought us the iPod, Nest is an intuitive thermostat. It’s kind of like Pandora in that it learns your habits, and will auto adjust your settings for you throughout the day. In the end, the goal is an autopilot device that will save you money.

Dyson Handheld [$169.99] Ideal for cleaning out your car or cabin, don’t think getting a woman a ‘vacuum for Christmas’ will get you a sentence to the doghouse. This is a Dyson, it’s different. It sucks, and that’s a good thing.

Beats by Dre [$349.99] Headphones are unisex, really. Sure you see a lot of guys working the C Train with their big fancy cans, but if you dip the classic set of Beats in pink, you get something the ladies will love to wear as well.

portable north poleAPP OF THE WEEK: Portable North Pole [$2.99]
There’s only a week left until the big day and if the kids want to keep tabs on Santa, just as he watches them, load up this app so they can check in at any time. It has videos, coloring apps, calendars, and more. These are the same people that do that excellent website where you can get Santa to send a personalized note to your kids. Mom and Dad can go to the website to talk to Santa’s helpers to see how it works, but it is really genius how personalized it is, and the mobile app is a companion to the great website.



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