Global TV Tech Buzz: Headphones Are The New Perfume

Yes, headphones are the new perfume, everyone seems to have their own line to market. 50 Cent, Ludacris, and X-Zibit were just a few of the names flashing across the marquee at CES earlier this year showing off their line of ear wear.

Headphones were also hugely popular at the recent London Olympics with athletes spotted wearing big musical earmuffs while they waited their turn to perform. Beats was not an official IOC sponsor, yet there they were on the ears of Michael Phelps and other athletes, especially on the pool deck.

Headphones are big business, here are some of the hot ones for fall:

Beats Wireless by Dr Dre – $299
Yes. Wireless. They sync via Bluetooth to your phone or mobile music player. They offer the big Beats sound and there’s also a mic in the earcup so you can take calls on the go if you’re hooked to your phone.

House of Marley Destiny Collection
Reggae legend Bob Marley was a master of his craft, and the brand of headphones, earbuds, and speaker docks that bears his name carries on that tradition of excellence. The House of Marley headphones are designed to reflect the philosophies of equality, unity, charity, and sustainability, with a focus on creating high-quality products in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way.

diesel vektrDiesel Noise Division Vektr $299
It’s not just music stars that are in on the action, high fashion denim label Diesel has partnered with Monster for this line of headphones that look as good around your neck as they do on your ears.

Monster iSport Livestrong $179
For working out these buds are on point. They lock in to your ear, there’s a hook to keep them in through sweat and bouncing around. Splash and waterproof so you can rinse them off, or run in the rain. They’re can’t miss Livestrong Yellow.

Puma Social Buds $39
Puma is on the game too with a variety of stylish earbuds brandishing the trademark leaping cat.



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