Global TV Tech Buzz: Mother’s Day Ideas

mother's day

As you would expect, when I go Mother’s Day shopping, I go to a place like Future Shop. Check out these gift ideas that are both old school, and new school.


Griffin Survivor iPad 2/new iPad Case [$79.99]
Independently tested and certified to meet US Department of Defence Standard 810F, Griffin’s Survivor Extreme-Duty Case is designed to protect your iPad from extreme conditions… dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration, and a host of other environmental factors (like toddlers).

Init Laptop Bag [$89.99]
This laptop bag fits up to 16″ laptop. It’s durable polyester fabric with metal feet on the bottom for better protection. It comes with short and long detachable shoulder straps. A trolley slit pocket is also included.

Sony Swarovski In-Ear Headphones [$39.99]
Swarovski crystals and a silver cord are the perfect complement to an extraordinary level of sound quality and comfort.

iPad Folio [$69.99]
A full iPad cover is much more professional and protects the screen and the back. This folio is elegant, and professional.

iTunes Gift Card [$40] – You can get $50 iTunes gift cards until May 10 for just $40 at WalMart. Great deal!

Apple One on One [$99] – if you’re helping Mom make the switch to Mac, getting some One on One lessons is a great way to help her do that. When you buy your Mac, you can, for $99, get one year of one-on-one time at the Apple Store. They’ll help you learn whatever you want. My mom has been going and is now teaching me tricks.


Dyson DC37 Vacuum [$599.99]
It’s light, it’s portable, it cleans under beds and tables easily, it goes up and down stairs no problem. It sucks, it’s great on floors, it works on carpet.

Cuisinart Blend & Cook Blender [$159.99]
Soups to Smoothies in one Blender! This multifunctional machine sautés, cooks and blends homemade soups and sauces right in jar. Simply add pre-cut ingredients and machine sautés, blends and keeps the soup warm until serving. Three temperature settings (low, medium & high) and four blending speeds, plus a stir function, lets you blend ingredients to perfect consistency.

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker [$99.99]
This single serve brewer allows you to make always fresh coffee, tea or Hot Chocolate and offer a wide variety of brands and flavours. Select your preferred cup size from 8 & 10 oz.

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  1. May 6, 2012

    If I received a vacuum for Mother’s Day…it wouldn’t be a very fun day for anyone! Swarovski crystal headphone…awesome!

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