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[twitter]One of my favorite websites is Lifehacker. It not only does a good job of breaking down technology and helps you with the ins and outs of your computer, but it does a great job of giving you geeky ways to make your life better.

So today, some of my favorite life hacks from the site and around the web:

February is the best time to buy!
We are in the wake of CES. New gear has been announced, and it’s going to be coming later this spring. According to Lifehacker, February is the time to buy phones, monitors and tvs to get the best deal if you don’t mind an end of cycle model.

Rubber Band Grip
I haven’t found an iPhone case I like yet. I really need one too, because the phone is so slippery and light I’m going to break it soon – I know it. So how about this lovely hack to keep it extra grippy. Sort through the junk drawer in your kitchen and snap on a rubber band around the outside. Instant grippiness.

How to stay focused
The constant beeping and pinging in our lives are time sucks. Just a quick glance away at Twitter, Facbeook, or another gadgety annoyance and you’re sucked in to a social media vortex. There are two ways to get better focus.

1) Get someone to slap you. Maneesh Sethi wastes too much time on Facebook, YouTube and Reddit, and not enough time blogging. So he put up an ad to pay someone $8/hr to sit next to him while he works and slap him if he wastes time on social networks.

2) Fidget. This one is probably more reasonable. If you find yourself fading away in meetings and not paying enough attention, bring along some putty or a pencil or something to use with your wandering mind energy.

Lego For a Lens Cap
This is a great hack for people with big camera rigs. If you are constantly misplacing your lens cap, or putting it down and forgetting to pick it back up, clip it to your neckstrap with Lego. It’s simple with hot glue and a couple of pieces from your kids’ collection.

Organize your cables
Most of us are switching to wireless solutions at home, but there are still a lot of cables attached to home theatres and the like. Want to know what goes where? There are a number of clever tricks including color coded zap straps and writing what each cord is on bread tags. Store all the extra cords you’re not using and can’t throw out with toilet paper rolls. You can easily keep the charging cords you need on your desk by using binder clips. A chic way to color code all the white that Apple serves up is by using beads. When it comes to headphones that constantly get knotted, try this maneuver.

APP OF THE WEEK: Zite [free]
This is my newspaper. You know how there are music services that claim to get to know your preferences and will serve up related songs or tracks you might like? This is like that, but for news. Started in Vancouver, now owned by CNN, Zite is a great way to discover news that you find interesting but might not have found on your own.



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