Global TV Tech Buzz: Online Shopping And Security Tips

How will you do your shopping this season?

If the statistics are correct, most of us will be doing it with a computer, a mobile phone, alongside a pen and paper. When it comes to window shopping, most people no longer have a night out at the mall. Nearly 70% of people say they now do their browsing online.

Tis the season to do the online shopping too. Black Friday signals the start of the season this coming week, and the following Monday is Cyber Monday. It’s a term that was coined in 2005 when people would do the malls on the weekend, and then head to work on Monday, and do their online shopping.

The US branding is now coming up to Canada so this week some reminders on how to do safe online shopping, and some sites to scout to get the deals.


Top to bottom Red Flag Deals is the biggest online shopping community in Canada. They give you coupon codes, advance alerts of flyers, and there are forums where people share tips and insight. This is extreme couponing Canadian style. Smart Canucks is very similar.

eBates is a site that pays you a bonus by using them as a gateway. You can get 2% cash back from Sears or the Apple Store just by using their site.

Beyond the Rack is a very popular global online shopping site, that is Canadian. It offers short term blast sales on designed clothes. So you can’t really browse, you have to see something and pounce on it. can help you compare prices across retailers online in Canada, while some stores have committed to nline price matching. In the US, Amazon drives the prices down – a lot. Target and Best Buy have announced plans to price match any price people find online, in their physical stores in the US.

shopsavvyAPP OF THE WEEK: Shop Savvy [FREE] QR Reader [99c] Red Laser [FREE] I barcode scan all the time. Especially when I’m shopping for toys. If you want to see if the price you’re paying is a good one, you can scan the barcode with this app and it will bring up comparable retailers both online, and off. Now you need to know these are American apps (I have yet to find a Canadian one), but it will help you ballpark the prices, and maybe you can use the prices you find online to negotiate a better deal. As mentioned above, Target and Best Buy have said they will price match – so try it!



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