Global TV Tech Buzz: Spring Break Travel Gadgetry

It’s almost here. With Teacher’s Convention coming at us this week, you can almost smell spring break just around the corner. So for those planning getaways because you’ve just about had enough of winter and you know that no matter what Balzac Billy said last week we have AT LEAST 6 more weeks of winter left, here are some gadgety gadgets to get you ready to hit the road/beach/vacation:

Trakdot [$49.95 for the device, $8.99 for activation and a $12.99 annual service fee.]
We can track our iPhones and our friends when they get lost, why can’t we track our luggage? Trakdot is a very clever little GPS beacon that you pack inside your suitcase so that you can watch it while you’re on the way to your destination. If you get to Ft Lauderdale and your bags are missing, you can say “I know, they’re in Cleveland,” because you’ll be able to see it all on your phone.

Dont want to splurge on this service? You can stuff an iPhone or an iPod in the suitcase and using the Find my iPhone feature to track where your suitcase has been misplaced.

Run out of juice on the plane or the bus or the car? This will power up a bunch of stuff in a pinch. Also handy if you use your phone as a camera and burn through it in a matter of hours.

Waterproof Camera
Sure, you love your iPhone or iPod to take pictures, most of us have gone to taking pictures with our mobile, but if you really want to get wet and wild, bring along a waterproof splasher. The other good reason to bring along an old-school point and shoot? There’s a better chance the batteries are going to be charged.

Noise Cancelling Headphones
Noise cancelling headphones can do two things, keep noise out and keep sound in.

Plastic Bag
To keep my gadgetry somewhat protected from wetness when I travel, I use ziploc bags to carry them. It also keeps everything together in my suitcase. I put spare batteries, headphones, adapters, memory cards – everything in the baggie.

Okay this is plane silly. And yes, I mean plane silly. If you’re traveling on an airline that nickels and dimes for every piece of carry-on luggage you take, why not wear your luggage? Jaktogo is a suitcase that turns into a coat so you don’t have to pay luggage fees.

Check Your Phone Plan
We’ve talked about this before. If you’re going to travel internationally, watch how you use your phone. Turn roaming off. Add a data plan. Call your provider and see if they can unlock it so you can get a local SIM card and plan. Better yet? Leave the phone at home, or only use WiFi when you’re on vacation.


If you don’t know where you want to go yet, but you just know you want to get out of here, try using Google Flights to help you track air fare to various destinations. All the tour operators access the same prices provided by the airlines. Google Flights collects them in one spot and puts them on a graph so you can see how the price changes and whether or not the price you’ve been quoted is a good deal or not.



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