Global TV Tech Buzz: Technology Blends With Fashion

[twitter]Spring is here and a lot of talk is about fashion. Tech is in fashion too, as in wearable tech. If we are in the era of mobile now, the future is wearable. Already we have clothes that easily adapt to the cords we like to use to listen to music, but it will become bigger. Our bond to technology is getting more and more personal – are we becoming The Borg? Check out the wearable technologies that are on their way or already here:


Google’s Glass initiative has been making headlines for a few months and really is the shining example of the future of wearable technology. I think it’s over the top. As it stands now, wearing glasses to check your email, video conference, take pictures, or photos, or get more information about places you’re visiting isn’t going to take off. But you can see where the future is headed.

We are attached to our phones as computers, and Google Glass is just one way technologists are imagining the interface disappearing between human and computer. You don’t have to take it out of your pocket, you’ll have it on your face, on your wrist, or somewhere else that is easily accessible. Google Glass shows us that we will become the Borg.


This is what really made the push to watches happen. Pebble started as a Kickstarter idea, seeking crowdfunding for their model. With a goal of $100 000 to make a few watches, they made $10M in a matter of weeks. After many delays, Pebble started shipping recently. In the meantime, other manufacturers saw the demand for an interface that can handle the quick things you want to do on your phone. Dictate, swipe between songs, answer calls, time a run, these sorts of things have moved to the watch as Samsung, Google, LG, Apple, and others are rumored to be heading down the path.


Tourism Calgary and designer Paul Hardy teamed up last year to create a dress that answered the question: “What’s in style in Calgary?” The inspiration for the design came from the crowd-sourced tweets on what people saw as fashion in our city.

Nicole Scherzinger‘s Twitter dress was a little bit of a different concept as it actually displayed tweets in an LED fabric on her body. Cute Circuit has designed similar displays for the likes of Katy Perry, but Nicole’s was labelled the world’s first Twitter Dress.

Then you have Dita Von Teese‘s 3D Printed dress. 3D printing uses a printer to layer plastics, and create 3 dimensional objects. People say it could be used to print replacement parts, game pieces, and in this case – a dress. Dita Von Teese wore this webbed fabric adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

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