Global TV Tech Buzz: The Best of 2012

[twitter]3 THINGS TO WATCH FOR IN 2013

1. Blackberry 10 will arrive in just a few weeks and RIM is betting the company on it. The early reviews are positive, but you have to wonder if it’s simply too late. Many companies are making the move to iOS for their corporate phones, an area that RIM used to own. Their market share is down to a slim 1.6%. This has to be a home run or my prediction from last year of RIM being shuttered will come true.

2. In 2013 the “Cola Wars” will heat up again, but instead of Coke vs Pepsi, it will be Twitter vs Facebook and Apple vs Google. Twitter and Facebook laid the groundwork for their fight late in 2012 when Twitter pulled integration with Instagram and started work on it’s own photo filtering and sharing service. The continued privacy and ToS issue from Facebook could have people starting to lessen what they share.

The big battle will be in mobile as the computer in our pocket continues to be the most important battleground for tech companies. Google’s Android system, and Apple’s iOS will continue to go toe to toe in patent fights, and over user base.

3. If you want a peek at a new technology we will see in 2013, it could finally be Apple’s iTV. Smart, app enabled tvs have been around for a while. Samsung has been showing them off for years, but as we saw in mobile, it doesn’t matter until Apple makes one. There will be rumors all year long until it finally happens, that Apple will release a fully branded flat panel iTV.

itunes best of 2012


Each year, Apple releases the top from the iTunes App Store. They release the list of top sellers, but then they go “Oscars” and release a list of their Editors’ Top picks.

First things first, last year’s best iPhone app was Instagram – it was bought by Facebook. Last year’s best iPad app was Snapseed – it was bought by Google.

Who is ripe for acquisition this year? Check out Apple’s list below:

iPhone App Of The Year: Action Movie FX [free] One of the weekly picks from September, this free app is all sorts of fun if you want to add a little special effects to your iPhone movies. Drop cars, boulders, fire lasers and more to turn your little movie into a small budget Transformers or Mission: Impossible.

iPad App Of The Year: Paper [free] This is a gorgeous, and elegant app that turns your iPad into a moleskine notebook. You can sketch, write, share, create, brainstorm, organize, and more. If you like using notebooks to organize your thoughts, this is a way to do it digitally that won’t have you stumbling around.

Best iPad Game of 2012: The Room [$1.99] If you like puzzles, you will get sucked in to this game of mindbending twists. You find yourself in a room with a safe. You see an envelope which reveals a key, and then the chase is on. Pay close attention, and keep your eyes open for subtle clues. The 3D graphics, and tense score will keep you hooked on this one.

Best iPhone Game of 2012: Rayman Jungle Run [$2.99] This one started out as a console game, Rayman Origins, but has been reimagined for iOS. It’s a puzzle twisting addictive run through levels where you have to catch coin/stars/lights called Lums, avoid obstacles, and be fast.

On the iPhone, the new YouTube was the most popular free app. Angry Birds Space was the most popular paid app for iPhone.

On the iPad side, Angry Bids Space HD was the most popular paid app. Skype for iPad took top honors for most popular free app.



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