Each week I join the Sunday Morning News on Global Calgary to talk the latest in tech, gadgets, and to walk you through the ways you can make the gadgets you already own work better.

Here are the segment notes and links from April 1, 2012:


One of my favourite gadgets in the house is the Apple TV. The tiny black palm sized brick has been called “magic” by many a nerd. It’s a simple idea that turns your tv into an internet connected device, where you can view podcasts, internet videos, original content, NetFlix, or your own library of iTunes media.

That’s the part I love. My TV is now connected to my iPad, my iPhone, my MacBook, and any other device in the house running iTunes and on our WiFi network. I have ripped all our family DVDs to iTunes so the kids can watch them on the iPad, now with the Apple TV, the iPad works as a PVR – it’s the source for the video on the screen.

When we get home from a day out at the zoo, I can do an instant slide show from my iPhone, or my wife’s on our big screen tv with photos and videos of hippos, giraffes and gorillas.

The new Apple TV that was released last month, is almost identical to the previous model but now features HD support and a new interface that Steve Jobs reportedly dismissed years ago.

Apple is said to be working on an actual TV for release later this year, when you hear rumours about that device, it’s usually referred to as the iTV.

Apple devices all come with little, tiny, simple remotes. While they’re much easier to use than those hundred button devices that come with our tvs, it’s also very easy to get lost. Apple has the Remote App to replace the handheld remote. If you lose the little one, you can still access the features of the Apple TV by using the Remote App on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

If you missed the segment, here’ the video:

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