‘Green’ Gadgets

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Just as pink and red were popular gadget colours for Valentines Day, green will be a popular colour this spring – but not the gadget colour, what they do.

It’s all about green technology. The trend even got its own Greener Gadgets Conference where HP showed off a printer made from corn, backbags and notebook bags with solar panels to self-charge the electronics inside and a host of environmentally friendly mobile phones among other gadgets.

The best in show went to Ener-Jar, a Do It Yourself project which allows you to easily view how much energy an appliance is using. It’s basically a mason jar device with a male and female plug you put in between the outlet and device and it shows you the energy you’re using.

Other highlights included the OLPC which showed that affordable technology can be green, too. Their exhibit showed how the low-priced laptop ($130) can be recharged with a hand crank.

ReCellular, a cell phone recycling company, demonstrated the wide span of mobile phones it accepts from individuals and companies. Its display included clunky first-generation mobile phones, as well as the latest PDAs and smart phones. ReCellular collected 6 million mobile phones last year and diverted 1 million pounds of waste from landfills.

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