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It’s called social media, because it’s about being social. You don’t broadcast your message anymore, you share it.

If you’re a newspaper, you move to the web. If you’re a radio station, you add video. If you’re a television station, you add blogs. You become multi-dimensional and engage your audience in participatory media.

The New York Times is a newspaper. Yet on their website, they have video and audio interviews. They have taken their single media product and turned it into a multimedia web presence.

The radio station I work at, 95 Crave, is doing the same thing today.

We are live at a mall doing a Madonnathon dance contest for Madonna tickets. Radio stations do live, on site events all the time. Usually to a small crowd. However, this event is being streamed online with a camera hooked in to a laptop over Ustream.

Your radio station probably already has a video camera. It already has a laptop. Ustream is free.

A one dimensional event can become multimedia, and experienced by virtually your entire audience.

catch the buzz … pass it on.

This entry was originally posted November 14, 2008 on my Old Media New Tricks blog. I’m collecting those entries here to gather a more comprehensive list of my media insight posts.



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