Exclusive Interview – How John Chow Makes Money Online

john chowIf you believe the heading at the top of his page, John Chow makes money by telling other people how much money he makes.

It’s true. John has made the art of monetizing a blog almost a science. He started with just Google Ads, and then worked through most other ad, link and review schemes to take his blog to monthly revenues of over $25,000 in just 1 year.

In September I email interviewed John for one of my 24hrs columns. I just discovered it in my email trash and realized there’s some gold to be shared, so here’s the transcript:

BB: Are the people “buying” your information really able to put it to work themselves?

JC: The answer to that is it’s really up to them. I show how to make money using online advertising. Now, whether my blog content is how to make money online or how to play golf, it makes no difference. There are advertising networks that will sell ad space on your blog. I show how to maximize the return from those ads and how to generate traffic so you can show more ads.

I receive emails everyday from readers thanking me for the advice I give. If what I say doesn’t work, my blog wouldn’t be read by over 400,000 people every month. Remember, all the stuff I offer is free. You can’t compare me to an infomercial. I don’t charge my readers for the information I give. My blog and my eBook on blogging is completely free. I make my money using the methods I teach – with advertising. The blog does have a few readers who make more money online than I do.

BB: How did you find your “money making” niche?

JC: The niche found me. My blog, JohnChow.com, started out as a personal blog to talk about whatever was on my mind – cars, fine dining, technology, the Net, business, etc. I never started the blog to make money and for the first eight months of the blog’s life it made nothing. However, one of the topics I cover is making money on the Internet and it occurred to me that I should monetize the blog as part of a case study to show that you really can make money by blogging. So, in September, 2006 I put up some Google ads and made $352.94, and it just went up from there. The blog made $17,828.61 last month (August 2007). This kind of growth attracts a lot of attention and I became known as one of the “A-list” blogs in the make money online niche.

BB: Is it still easy to make money online, or are you making it all?

JC: It’s easier today to make money online than back when I started. There are way more advertising and affiliate programs to join now than there was just a year ago. There are also a lot more ways to monetize a blog than there was a year ago.

BB: Are there any niche blogs you think could grow as the rest of society starts creating blogs?
JC: I believe technology blogs and self improvement blogs will continue to grow and do well.

BB: Do you have a money or financial background, or are you just good at discovering how to do this online?

JC: I have a diploma in Financial Management from BCIT.

BB: Do you consider yourself a “journalist”?

JC: I am a blogger. Journalist report the news without adding their opinion or basis into the story. As a Blogger, I have no such restrictions. However, I do consider myself Media or Press when attending a trade function.

BB: What is Search Engine Optimization? Is it manipulation? Do you just take advantage of existing rules?

JC: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is setting up your blog so the search engines like Google can find you easily – make your site “Google friendly.” It’s not manipulation but some of the things you can do will be viewed as that. Unfortunately, there are really no rules, just “guidelines.”

BB: How many hours a week do you dedicate to your blog? Is this your only job right now?

JC: About 2 hour a day. I run a few other sites in addition to the blog. I don’t have any other job.

BB: Should all blogs try to make money?

JC: No, I don’t believe so. I think bloggers should blog for fun and not for profit. If you only do it for the money, chances are you will fail. My blog is for fun. It made nothing for the first 8 months. If it was still making nothing today, I would still be updating it.

BB: Give me 3 quick and easy tips to get a blog rolling in the bucks.

JC: 1. Update your blog often. Ideally, you should do at least one new post per day. 2. Monetize your blog with multiple revenue source. Do not put all your advertising eggs in one basket. 3. Read JohnChow.com

Check out John’s site, join his email newsletter and get a copy of his eBook. I got one.

Currently I make about $100 a year on this site from Google Ads, let’s see how many of John’s methods I can employ and how the revenue scheme will change.

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  2. December 29, 2007

    John has really started to get some mainstream exposure. He’s not new to making money online — he’s been running The TechZone for a while — but it’s because he’s publishing how much his blog makes each month that he’s received more exposure in mainstream media.

    Oh, and thanks for popping by my blog some time back. I’m always surprised to see who ends up in my neck of the Internet woods.

  3. February 27, 2008

    There are many ways in the internet to make money. The resources you provided are really good ideas that are helpful for the beginners and the new bloggers to get traffic quickly and to make money.

  4. March 5, 2008

    Thanks for the interview. Ya, John is starting to show up everywhere. It’s actually not that surprising how he makes so much money on his blog.

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  7. November 28, 2016

    He is very helpful guy , his blog is known world wide, a lot of starters uses his blog to learn
    Thanks for the interview

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