How To Get Better Social Media Engagement And Web Traffic

how to get social media engagement

how to get social media engagement

[twitter]It’s easy. Give the people what they want.

Seriously. That’s all you have to do. Tap into the zeitgeist, give the people what they want, and you will win.

This weekend I have seen social media engagement and web traffic on my properties go vertical. The reason?

A singular event that has created an insatiable demand for information around one topic – the Calgary floods.

The Facebook page I manage went from 3-5 silly George Takei-ish updates a day to more than 300. Overkill, some might say, but we were serving photos, information, and news about the flood. Page likes increased 40% Sharing went through the roof. Comments exploded. Our reach expanded by thousands of percentage points. Seriously.

The key? Information people wanted, people needed, and they wanted to share.

We gave road closure updates. We gave weather reports. We provided photos. And we threw in jokes too. The key to better social media engagement was that everything was exactly what the audience wanted to know and needed to share.

These kind of events don’t happen all the time – they called the flood in Calgary this week a “hundred year flood” – but it shows what can happen when you drill into the zeitgeist of your audience and give them exactly what they need.

Give the people what they want and social media engagement and web traffic is an easy thing to drive to record levels. It’s just a matter of finding that perfect bait.



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