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James Altucher Choose Yourself

[twitter]Many places offer you a money back guarantee. From baked goods to clothing to housewares, companies know that standing behind their product with a promise to return your money if you’re not satisfied is a strong one to make to consumers.

What about a money back if you try guarantee? That’s to say, I’ll give you your money back if you just try my product? In other words, buy a product from a retailer, send the manufacturer a receipt, and receive a full refund.

It’s an odd bit of business, but it’s exactly what James Altucher has done with his new book, Choose Yourself. The offer is: buy it, prove to him you bought it by emailing the receipt, prove to him you read it by writing a review (like this one), and then he will refund you the money. A money back if you try guarantee.

Why he then wouldn’t have just released the audiobook as a podcast, or the eBook as shareware, I don’t know, but it’s a clever bit of marketing that had me biting, so I downloaded the Choose Yourself audiobook on iTunes and here I am telling you about it.

First things first: get the audiobook, not the paper edition. James Altucher reads the book himself, but he’s not reading words off the page, he’s speaking to you. He tells personal stories, personally, and he throws in many asides and anecdotes that are not in the book. Altucher notes the printed word is different than the spoken one, and so he treats them differently meaning a bonus for audiobook buyers.

James Altucher Choose Yourself! is an easy listen that basically encourages you to sleep more, think more, and remove negativity from your life. All simple things that we all know are the keys to success yet have to be reminded about.

Altucher notes that we all know we should floss, and yet few of us actually do it. Doing all things things for our spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional bodies is the same sort of task. We know we should eat healthy, sleep more, and exercise, but it’s like flossing – we don’t do it. So do it, says Altucher.

He then spends the next few hours showing you why it’s a good idea, how he succeeded and failed, and just sharing his soul.

Go, download James Altucher Choose Yourself now, and then follow the instructions to have Altucher pay you back for getting it. It’s worth it to choose yourself, and it’s easier than flossing.



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