How to Get Rid of Your Computer: eCycling

ecyclingIf you’re upgrading your gear as the holiday sale season approaches, you’re left with unwanted technology that shouldn’t really be sitting in a landfill.

It may be a little early, but a computer has topped the official “What I Want for Christmas” list, so before you get a new one, here’s how to get rid of the old one.

Wipe your harddrive clean and look for a salvage organization in your area.

Free Geek Vancouver harvests usable parts from old computers and recycles them back in the system.

Even if your computer isn’t recyclable, it’s used as an educational tool as volunteers learn to identify all the bits and pieces inside a computer as they take it apart and dispose of it properly.

The organization, with the slogan “helping the needy get nerdy,” has seen nearly 15 tonnes of equipment come through their doors in the last 6 months alone.

The rebuilt boxes have been distributed to the Salvation Army, Computers for Schools and BC Digital Divide, just to name a few.

If you’re an organization and would like on their list, simply apply for a hardware grant at The website also has information for those wanting to get rid of their old box, along with advice on properly wiping your hard drive to protect your personal information.

When it comes to the other gear, Future Shop and Best Buy have added e-cycling boxes for different types of unused electronic products in each of their stores across the country.

At any Future Shop and Best Buy you can now dump used batteries, cell phones, CD players, MP3 players, CDs, Portable DVD players and Ink cartridges.

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