How To Get SOLD OUT MyVegas Rewards Easier

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[twitter]MyVegas is a popular Facebook and mobile game that lets you earn free comps for your visit to Las Vegas.

You can earn show tickets, buffet vouchers, hotel stays and more. The MyVegas program has also expanded to include other resorts, airlines, and cruises. You can, honestly, get all sorts of free vacation perks simply by playing a free Facebook game, MyVegas.

Now, here comes the tricky part. With thousands of people playing MyVegas, competition for the best MyVegas Rewards is fierce. Many sell out very quickly.

Tips to Get SOLD OUT MyVegas Rewards Easier

The rewards are restocked daily, between 7a and 8a Pacific Time (Las Vegas’ time zone). Do some math, find out what time that is where you live, and get ready to log in just before the new MyVegas Rewards window opens.

Once you are in, navigate to the reward you want. We will use the Carrot Top reward as an example.

Notice the button at the bottom says SOLD OUT. If you click this button, it won’t work. There are no MyVegas Rewards left, this item is SOLD OUT.

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You’re going to have to do a back and forth dance to catch the restock at the right time.

In the upper right hand corner, notice a BACK TO BROWSING option. At 7a Pacific, you go back and forth from BROWSING to the item you want. Back and forth, back and forth, as fast as you can until that bottom button turns bright green.

When it does, the word NEXT will appear, and you’ll be able to purchase the previously SOLD OUT MyVegas Rewards.

How To Get SOLD OUT MyVegas Rewards

This back and forth clicking might bring success right away, it might take a few minutes. Remember, MyVegas Rewards are restocked BETWEEN 7a and 8a Pacific Time. It could happen at any time.

You should also know that you might miss it. Some of the more popular, lucrative rewards, might just be restocked with one MyVegas Reward per day. If you don’t get the click at the right time, you’re out of luck.

Keep trying, keep clicking, keep spinning!

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