How To Hide Partisan Politics News From Your Facebook Feed Without Unfriending Someone

How To Hide Political Partisanship From Your Facebook Feed

[twitter]The world is a nasty, awful, beautiful, wonderful place – and Facebook perfectly reflects this. Most of the time it’s cat videos and inspirational memes, other times it’s political infighting to the extreme.

To complicate things, our Facebook networks are a diverse mix of friends from high school, family, friends, and colleagues. With such a radical range of groups to pull from, not everything in your feed will be on point.

Some people are birthers, some are xenophobes, some think cinnamon cures diabetes, others are all about daily updates about their food.

It’s awkward to unfriend someone, so here’s how to hide the partisan political crap from your Facebook feed without unfriending them.

You don’t need to cut the cords of friendship, just cut the tie to the stuff they’re sharing. (This tactic also works to stop seeing Facebook game updates your friends post).

My friend shared this story about Justin Trudeau’s response to the attacks in Paris this week. Let’s say I’m not really into seeing that sort of commentary. I have a number of options. First I could unfollow my friend, but that would rid me of all their awesome updates about hikes, food, and friends. I like this person, so I don’t want to remove them from my feed.

Instead, click the “see 3 more” button to get more ideas to hide the partisan from my feed:

How To Unfollow News Sources And Websites On Facebook

Once I pull that tab down, I have a number of more opportunities to curate my feed.

I could hide all from Richard (I dont know him, I dont need to see his stuff in my stream). Or I could hide all from the National Post (this is where it gets handy to hide things people are sharing.

If they’re sharing consistently radical or partisan news stories that are not legitimate journalism, hiding the source will cull the content from your feed while maintaining the friendship.

How To Hide Political Partisanship From Your Facebook Feed

If you have friends who are consistently interrupting your Facebook feed with radical partisan ideas, political nonsense, or content you find offensive, you can hide the source while keeping the friendship.

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