How To Make  A Media Kit For Your Blog

If you search for tips about How To Make A Media Kit, a lot of the blogs will simply tell you what to include in your media kit.

This is obvious. You want to keep your media kit to one or two pages, so that means a quick bio, and then you list your traffic credentials, earned media, and brand partnerships.

Simple right? Not quite. It’s easy to decide what include in your media kit but how do you make a media kit? How do you put it all together? How do you lay out the page, crop the graphics, choose the fonts, make the infographics, and end up with a professional result?

If you’re good at making slides in Keynote or Power Point, you could do that. If you’re handy in Illustrator, you could do that. You could even do it in Word or something simple like PicMonkey. This article has simple code where you can just input your stats and get a simple page for your website.

After many failed attempts at the above and the results not being anything close to professional enough, I started to search around for advice on hiring actual graphic designers to do the work for me. Professionals who could do in an hour what I would do in a month, and the results would be spectacular.

In the end, I stumbled into a post from Everywhereist. After digging through her web design credits, I found Kimberly Coles, her designer. I clicked into Kimberly’s resume and hired her to do the work for me.

First we traded emails. Then we had a Skype chat to go over details. I gathered all my assets, tossed them into a Dropbox, and two days later got first draft. We made some adjustments, and you can see the screenshots above of what we ended up with [View PDF here].

Perfect. Professional. Finished in a week what I couldn’t do on my own for months.

It’s a DIY world out there. We can all pretty much learn how to do what we want on our own. The software exists for you to design your own website, craft your own business cards, or find out how to make a media kit. But should you?

There’s value in hiring a professional. If you really want things done right, hire someone who can do them right. That is how to make a media kit.

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