How To Monetize Twitter With Hoot Suite

twitter hootieI just monetized my Twitter account.

Go ahead, read that line again. I am going to make some pennies with Twitter. I won’t be spamming affiliate links in my stream. Every other tweet won’t be an ad.

I just managed to monetize my links with Hoot Suite. Find out how after the jump.


We’ve allowed you to insert your own ads into your links. You do this by pasting in AdSense code for a 234 x 60 Half-Banner ad. These ads will be seen after an link is clicked, and not before. Ads are housed in a discreet bar at the top of the page, which can be closed at any point with a single click.

That’s really it.

The blog entry has the complete and simple step process.

When you submit a link to Twitter, you do it via Hoot Suite‘s URL shortening service and it will open a framed window with your AdSense links at the top.

Smoooooth. Now let’s just see if it can generate clicks.



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  1. ZuDfunck
    March 25, 2009

    I did this as well, How is it working for you?
    I think it is a really nicely layed out service


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