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Nest Web App Schedule

[twitter]I’m wearing a turtleneck today. The overnight temperatures are dipping below zero a few times a week. It’s dark when I wake up, and when we put the kids to bed.

Fall is here, and that means it’s time to fire up the furnace, and start teaching my Nest Thermostat our new schedule.

Both kids are in full-time school this year, and we don’t have a nanny anymore. That means the house is empty from 830 to 330 every day. Even though we’re cranking the furnace back on for fall, it’s easy to set up our new schedule on my Nest.

You can set the schedule from the Nest app on your smart phone, or directly on the device. Just move through your weekly schedule and drag the temperatures higher or lower depending on how your schedule is for each day.

How to Schedule With Your NestHere’s how I have my Nest Thermostat set up for fall:

I have the heat set to 15 or 16 degrees when we go to bed at 10, and then it turns on to 18 just before I wake up at 6a. By the time we’re all out to school and work at 830, the temperature is back down to the mid teens. Some of the days are still cold, so I have the heat set to come back on just before we get home from school and stay on until bed.

The weekends are still kind of ad lib as we head in and out throughout the day. It’s easy to monitor the heat at home and turn it off or turn it up from my Nest app on my iPhone. I could even turn the heat up for my wife at home while I was on vacation in Vancouver last weekend.

Nest Web App Schedule

If you get the temperature not quite right, adjust it on the go and Nest will learn your habits, your schedule and make sure things are perfect. Here’s why you should schedule a Nest Thermostat and then adjust it as conditions change:

The Nest Learning Thermostat’s Auto-Schedule uses a series of algorithms and weighted pattern-recognition to create a temperature schedule. At first, every adjustment you make is incorporated into the schedule, but over time your Nest Thermostat will only incorporate patterns of changes.

The Nest Thermostat listens attentively to your changes at first, but later on – when your schedule is set and initial learning is complete – you’ll need to make an adjustment on more than one day to have an effect.

For example, if you start getting up half an hour earlier and adjust the thermostat each day, the Nest Thermostat will soon learn this new pattern and change your schedule’s morning target temperature.

We’ve had the Nest since the spring and it was very handy during that shoulder season of temperature swings. I’m looking forward to seeing how well it adapts to our schedule, and how much money we’ll save by keeping the heat off during the day, now that we’re moving in to the colder months.

Thanks to Direct Energy for supporting Team Diabetes Canada and supplying me with a Nest so I can share my experience with you over the course of the year.

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