How to Survive Your First Session at Casino Slots

How The Game Works

The basic versions of a slot machine games basically have 3 vertical reels that spin from top to bottom with some newer ones boasting 5 reels. Each reel has multiple symbols such as different fruit.

The object is to line up 3 of the same symbols in the same row or otherwise known as lines. The number of lines varies from machine to machine, starting from 9 lines for your average machine this amount can go as high as 300 different lines, allowing the player maximum winning opportunities.

Video slots have multiple lines with some win lines painted on the screen. Symbols such as 7’s, bars or cherries are usually what you are looking for, however the newer machines employ a variety of different ones as slots are now being made in the likeness of blockbuster movies which is showing massive growth in the industry of late.

The denominations also very starting from as low as 1c for those just looking to have fun, going all the way up to a whopping $100 dollar per bet. Most machines will only give you free spins or bonus spins when betting the maximum. This is how they coax the player into placing higher bets.

The new slots have added bonus screens and scatter symbols which provide the player with even more
opportunity to win. For instance scatter symbols do not need to be in a specific payline, as long as you get the required number of scatter symbols you win a bonus game.

After every win your credit meter which is usually on the bottom left of your screen as added to your total winnings and this is how the game will continue until you either cash out or blow out.

Don’t be alarmed if you notice someone playing on 2 or more adjacent machines. This is common place if the casino is empty, however this is frowned upon if the casino is full. This should only be done if the venue is empty, this is just etiquette that many players seem to lack, so don’t be one of them.

If you need to use the restroom or just get a bite to eat, the proper thing to do is tip your chair against the machine. This indicates to other players that the machine is currently in use.

Here are some common misconceptions about slot machines.

Many players believe that if a machine has just produced or massive payout or jackpot that you should not attempt playing on it as it will be “cold”. This is a term meaning that it will not pay out again anytime soon. This is not true, every time you pull the lever you have the same chances of hitting the jackpot as you did the first time you pulled the lever.

A good thing to remember is that a slot machine is never “due” to make a payout. Often players are enticed to continue playing through a losing streak but this almost always turns into an even longer streak. My advice would be to just cut your losses and move to another machine.

Many people have developed the perception that casinos place “hot” machine on the aisles of their floors. I can guarantee that this has no basis at all. Even so, the so called hot machine enjoy a great deal of play more than there middle of the aisle counter parts.

So if you’re planning on hitting the casino remember that you have the same chance of winning every time you spin the wheels of fortune.



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