LEGO Minifigs As Cable Organizers

It’s been sitting there, under our noses, for nearly a decade.

The little cup shaped hands of our buckets of LEGO minifigs are perfectly shaped to hold an Apple cable.

It was revealed on Lifehacker this week. And minds were blown around the web. Glue a flat LEGO brick to the side of your desk and you can now use LEGO pieces to cut down on the clutter.

Have the LEGO minifig stuck to the side with their hands up and they can now be cable organizers. Clip a simple LEGO brick to your keychain and you can hang your keys on the side. You could also build out from the side of your desk with other bricks to make assorted sized holes to keep the various cables you need handy hanging from the side of your desk.

LEGO Minifigs as cable organizers. Who knew? I just wish they worked for getting me to Inbox Zero.

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