How To Use PayPal To Pay For Hotels and Travel On Hotwire

logo_paypal[twitter]PayPal is a very convenient way to pay for things online. You don’t have to hand over credit card information to retailers, the transaction is all done with your balance in PayPal.

If you are an online retailer with eBay, or Kijiji, or Etsy, accepting PayPal as payment is a convenient and easy way to conduct transactions. There are many ways you can spend the PayPal balance, and just as you can use them to purchase back from those sites, you can also use PayPal for fun things like travel.

American Airlines and Lufthansa accept PayPal for airline tickets, while Hotwire is a full-service travel website that also accepts PayPal in addition to traditional credit cards.


Hotwire is a unique travel site. You don’t know the exact property you are booking. Instead you pick a location, a star rating, and the site serves up reviews and rates for you to pursue. While it feels like a little bit of a gamble, you can cross reference results on Trip Advisor to have some sort of idea what you’re getting.

For a recent trip to Edmonton, I booked a 3 star hotel via Hotwire, paid via PayPal and ended up saving nearly 15% on my room rate.

hotwire purchase page

Using my PayPal account kept my credit card information off the site, and was just a simple click to complete. By linking your bank information to PayPal, it’s an easy way to “pay cash” for purchases you make online and avoid running balances on your credit card while sticking to your budget.

Using PayPal to pay for travel is dead easy and secure:

  • Check out faster-no need to enter your payment and shipping info
  • Shop online without exposing your financial details
  • Pay online with your PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card
  • Still earn credit card rewards by linking it to your PayPal account

I ended up with a great deal on Hotwire, it was easy and secure using PayPal.


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