I Cracked My iPhone

I didn’t Jailbreak it or break it. I cracked it.

I was talking on the phone, holding Zacharie and walking down concrete stairs. I hung up the phone, missed the last stair and almost threw my son’s head into the concrete. The iPhone hit instead.

Here’s the damage:

20090529 iphone

The phone still works, the touch screen is still accessible and works, although the cracks make it tough to read. I’m guessing the screen protector I picked up at Metrotown is holding the thing together right now as it’s a nasty shattering gash.

So what do you do with a cracked iPhone?

Is it the same as losing one? I’ve heard people having to pay upwards of $800 to get a replacement they left in a cab or bus or plane.

Is it covered under warranty? I bought my phone July 08, so I’ve still got 7 weeks of warranty left. I’m just wondering if “I cracked my iPhone instead of my baby’s skull” is a warrantable issue.

Do I have to pay Apple’s out of warranty charge of approx $250 to get it replaced?

For now, I’ve made a Genius appointment for Monday and will try to chat up a Fido rep this weekend to see what can be done.

Did you break your iPhone? How did you get it replaced?


I took the phone to iRepair.ca in North Vancouver. They replaced the screen and gave me 6 months warranty in 30 minutes, no appointment. $60 cheaper than the Apple store solution, and INSTANT. Not a bad deal.



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  1. Lynne
    May 29, 2009

    Hey Buzz. So glad you guys didn’t get hurt but that sucks. A friend did a similar thing & I spent part of a Saturday with her as she tried to sort it out. When I went with her to the Genius Bar they basically looked at it quickly and then just kept repeating over and over very resolutely that she’d damaged the phone so she’d have to pay their “not under warranty” replacement fee (which comes out to close to $250!) and shrugged a lot and said that was all Apple could do.

    Someone else waiting suggested she go to a Roger’s store and see if they would help and they actually did. She laid on a sob story about how she couldn’t afford to replace the phone but that she was contracted to them $100 per month for three years etc etc and eventually they brought a manager over who agreed to replace the phone for her no charge. It’s honestly more in the carrier’s best interest to help you out–no phone means no usage which means no money in their pocket. Apple is just the hardware jockey.

    As a note: We went to the Roger’s store @ Robson & Jervis. They really were sympathetic and helpful–way, way moreso than Apple was.I hope Fido will help.

    Good luck!

  2. Gary
    May 30, 2009

    Wow, lucky the iPhone saved you guys eh 😉 ? I would stay the course and go to Apple and then Rogers. Sometimes honesty can go a long way at the Genius bar, I’ve had readers who have had phones replaced even though it was their fault.

    Hmm…this timing must mean the next iPhone is heading your way? 😉

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