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It’s coming up on travel season and that means taking the camera out all around the world. But you know, you just know, someone’s going to leave their camera on a patio, a boat deck, a ride or hotel room.

So is all lost? Nope, I Found Your Camera is there to reunite cameras and their owners and it’s all done by simply posting the pictures on the found memory cards.

If you find a camera, just email two of the photos from the camera with details on where you found it to the site, they’ll blog the pics and try to get the orphaned camera back to its owners.

In just a month since going live, over 400 000 visitors have checked out the site. Either that’s a lot of loss cameras and memory cards, or just a lot of snoopers wanting a peek at others’ pics.

The good will return cameras. The average will keep the camera and return the memory card. The evil will keep the camera and the pictures for themselves.

I Found Your Camera is a great destination for sympathetic folks who understand how much losing your camera stinks.

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