I Want My CDs!

buzz bishop future shop tech blogI recently spent the better part of a couple of hours on a Friday night deleting duplicates from my iTunes music player. Some might point to the inherent flaws in iTunes to map only paths to files and not files themselves, I point to the digitization of music. Back in the day, I didn’t suddenly end up with 2 copies of a cd if I moved it from my bedroom to my car.

Today we can buy music on our iPhone while waiting in line in a Starbucks. We can buy physical copies of it at a store. We can buy digital copies while at work or home computers. We can buy a song on our laptop, we can buy it on a friend’s laptop. There are lots of ways to buy music, but when you buy it, it tends to become stuck to a device. The song isn’t as portable as taking a cd out of your car stereo and playing it on your home stereo.

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