The Genius Ikea Hack Hootsuite Uses To Build A Stand Up Computer Desk

The Genius Ikea Hack Hootsuite Uses to Build a Stand Up Computer Desk

Hootsuite HQ1

I’m going to preamble with a bit. If you want to skip right to the Ikea hack to build a stand up computer desk, click here.

I scooped a tour of the 2 Hootsuite campuses in Vancouver last week courtesy of their social media director, Jaime Stein.

The first Hootsuite office is at 5 W 8th Ave in Vancouver, steps from Main Street, False Creek, and downtown. It’s a non-descript low rise building typical to this industrial area of the city, until you go inside.

hootsuite office

HootSuite: Born in East Van but Raised by BC

hootsuite's 5th birthday

Hootsuite has all the trappings you’ve come to expect from start-up culture. Including staff kitchens with beer taps that get pulled on Fridays at 4:30, a place to work out while you work, and a nap room.

Nap Room at Hootsuite

Chalk up another win for new media right there. This ‘cabin’ is off a yoga studio and is a quiet nook filled with cots where people can catch up on shut-eye and unwind from a tough day.

But it is the art in the Hootsuite headquarters that really grabs you. Owl motifs are everywhere, of course.

Hootsuite surfboard meeting room

Hootsuite hallway mural


A woodsy, rustic feel moves throughout the open spaces of HQ1 and was taken to a new level for their new space that opened earlier this summer.

Much has been written about Hootsuite‘s new office, HQ2, 3 blocks away off 5th Ave, and it is wonderful. Meeting rooms named after BC ski runs and resorts (where Apple is into surfing, it would appear this Owl prefers skiing).

Hootsuite HQ2 - Conference Room

Hootsuite HQ2 - Sunken Lounge

The media push was in advance of the latest #HootHire, yet another hiring fair for the rapidly growing company to stretch its wings again.

The team is growing quickly, and it’s no wonder everyone wants to get a piece of the action.

Both Hootsuite office spaces are wide open. Workspaces are long desks with different teams clustered together along a desk, beside each other, or at an end. You know those long ‘family style’ dinner tables some restaurants serve up to break the barriers between guests? Same thing here.

Most everyone has earbuds in while they peck away at their keyboards, usually with a dog at their feet.

Creative Mornings with Pamela Goldsmith-Jones | Photo Credit - Trevor Jansen

The idea of the open space is to have everyone working together, and hanging out with the team. There are times, however, when you need quiet. Perhaps you need to demo a feature for a client, have a focused huddle for your team, or just get a break to GTD. You can do that in the two spaces too, with quiet meeting rooms, a strict ‘no talking allowed’ library room, or perhaps you’d prefer to escape to the roof of HQ1.

rooftop party

hootsuite hq flag

Back inside, the desks have an interesting skyline. While some sit while they code, others prefer to stand. Actually, many people choose to stand.


The standers don’t have elaborate contraptions to get their monitors up and down, just a stool and a Lack table. Yup, this chic office space that has taken a motif right down to naming small meeting rooms after local ski runs, builds their stand-up desks with a simple and genius Ikea hack.

Every few weeks, they have a Lack building party, Jaime tells me. They count up who wants a stand up desk, someone heads out to Ikea, buys a few dozen desks (and Ekby shelves to act as keyboard trays), and they gather round and build them and the stools to get the desks done.

How To Build A Stand Up Computer Desk

With another group set to join the team after their upcoming #HootHire, I expect another Ikea run is in the works.

If you want to build a stand-up desk, get a Lack table and Ekby shelf from Ikea and put it on your desk. It’s that simple.

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