Installing The Nest Thermostat From Direct Energy

Nest From Direct Energy - cyberbuzz

Nest From Direct Energy - cyberbuzz

[twitter]The Nest is gorgeous, we know that. It is a simple disc that you turn and press, and sync with your home wifi network. I have the same sort of amazement after installing my Nest from Direct Energy that my parents certainly must have felt with their first microwave.

It’s odd the world would get so excited over something as simple as a thermostat, but the kind of insight Nest Labs brought to this utilitarian device makes you oooh and ahhh.

The unboxing experience is elegant, like an Apple device. Everything is cleanly laid out, easy to arrange, and the installation instructions are clear.

For me, the most complicated part of installing the Nest was getting the casing from the old thermostat off. Once that was discovered, I had to play the “how do I turn the power off to the thermostat” game by flipping every circuit breaker in the basement.

Installing Nest from Direct Energy - cyberbuzz

Lining up the wires is easy, Nest provides you with stickers to label them before you disconnect from the old thermostat, and they’re easily clipped in to the new one in exactly the right spot.

Installing Nest from Direct Energy - cyberbuzz

Installing Nest from Direct Energy - cyberbuzz

Chances are your Nest will be replacing a big bulky box with the new sleek dial, so a wider face plate is included to cover up the paint marks and screw holes from the old thermostat. Awesome.

The entire process took me 10 minutes, and that included reading everything twice to make sure I knew what I was doing (I’m not an electrician), and finding which circuit breaker to flip.

Installing Nest from Direct Energy - cyberbuzz

Now, I have to play with it. I installed the Nest Mobile app [iOS | Android] on my iPhone and have been amazing the boys by remotely changing the temperature from anywhere in the house with a swipe of my phone.

The Nest is connected to your home WiFi network, so you can access it remotely. You tell it your postal code so the device knows where it is, and what the weather outside is. This is a smart device.

Installing Nest from Direct Energy - cyberbuzzPlaying with Nest a lot is important in the beginning stages. You want to give it as much information about your habits and schedule so it can learn when the house should be heated up and when it should be cooled down.

It’s estimated we spend about 20% more than we should on heating costs by heating empty homes. Now, even if I forget to turn the heat down before I leave for work, I can fix that right from my phone with my Nest Mobile app.

It really is remarkable, and simple. This is the way things are supposed to be. I wonder what Nest could do with a toaster. 🙂

Thanks to Direct Energy for supporting Team Diabetes Canada and supplying me with a Nest so I can share my experience with you over the course of the year.

Sign Up to the Direct Energy 5-Year Comfort & Control Dual Fuel Plan and receive:
– A fixed rate of 8.59¢/kWh for your Alberta electricity that won’t change for the entirety of your 5-year contract term – guaranteed!
– Flex-through Alberta natural gas with the security of a winter cap of $5.99/GJ*
– A Nest Learning Thermostat™ – valued at $249 – at no additional cost**



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  1. G.Hardy
    April 3, 2014

    Overall plan looks acceptable for electricity and gas price with one exception: Winter Cap November 01 thru March 31 pay average daily gas price “PLUS $2.00 per GIGAJOULE”…. bear with me, my December and January billings show on average 25 and 26 GJ gas consumption respectively. ENMAX is billing me 47 cents a GJ ‘transaction fee’ for that consumption yet DIRECT ENERGY (D.E.) is proposing charging in excess of four times that amount. (For example; ENMAX transaction fee 26.3 GJ @ 0.47 = $12.36 for month of January, DIRECT ENERGY proposing 26.3 GJ @ 2.00 = $52.00) Locking in for a five year term will have me paying for the NEST and then some. I will be calling and challenging D.E. on this. I do not see the advantage to me as a consumer, I am being scammed. However, I do see an advantage to purchasing the NEST outside of this contractual agreement will benefit me greater. Whatever became of the consumer comes first!

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