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buzz bishop future shop tech blogA weekend in California’s Wine Country was just what my life needed. A chance to unplug from reality and drink in the harvest season at a few wineries. Notice I said unplug from reality and not the web.

When traveling with your iPhone, a few steps need to be taken to make sure you don’t come back with an $11 000 Twitter bill the likes of Adam Savage from Mythbusters recently experienced.

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  1. landovan
    September 25, 2009

    To avoid those US data roaming rates, you can use WiFi to hop on the net when you need it. Depending where you’re travelling in the US, finding a Starbucks can be much easier than an open WiFi signal. With a Starbucks registered card, access to WiFi is free in their stores. You can register your (free) card in Canada and it will work there.

    A note of caution: making a connection is not as simple a process as one would hope. Give yourself some time the first time you try this in the US.

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