iPod Goggles

Okay, you know what beer goggles are, but what about iPod goggles?

Now that video is a major part of the player, not having to hunch over and squint at the Nano screen would be nice. So just like there are cute little iPod headphones, there are now iPod goggles.

They look like a razor blade set of sunglasses and project a virtual 24 inch TV directly in front of you! You plug the goggles directly into your iPod – no extra cables, adapters, or bulky power-packs necessary. These goggles don’t even have batteries – they draw power directly from your iPod.

Don’t worry – they draw so little power, you probably won’t even notice it. A 5th gen 30 Gigabyte iPod Video can run more than 2 hours, while the 80 Gigabyte iPod Video can run more than 4!

Watch your favorite episode of The Office, catch up on Lost, or even Canadian shows like Corner Gas or Little Mosque on the Prairie now that they’ve been added to the iTunes.ca library.

The iPod goggles were debuted last week at CES, will cost about $200 and should be available in March.

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