iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is as close as Canadians will get to an iPhone – for now. It was rumoured that Steve Jobs would announce a canuck iPhone last week at MacWorld, but he didn’t.

But what he did announce were software upgrades that take the iPod touch closer to iPhone status.

iPod touch already have a mobile web browser in Safari, and now Apple is adding five more great mobile applications—Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather and Notes. The iPod touch software upgrade also includes new features such as Web Clips, a customizable home screen and beginning today, the ability to watch iTunes Movie Rentals.

New iPod touch products shipping from the factory will include the software upgrade and existing iPod touch customers can get the software upgrade for $20 from iTunes.

Mail on iPod touch is a rich HTML email client that fetches email in the background from most mail services and displays photos and graphics along with the text of the email. Users can configure Mail for Google’s Gmail, with just a few clicks.

Maps on iPod touch features the ability to automatically find your current location using nearby Wi-Fi base stations, and use it as a starting or ending point for directions or to find local points of interest.

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