Is WiFi Safe For Kids?

[twitter]An interesting story is coming out of Ontario this week about a group of parents who are pulling their kids out of school because they say the school’s open WiFi network is making their children sick.

Parents on the Simcoe County Safe School committee say kids in 14 local schools are showing varying problems they fear are caused by microwaves.
Rodney Palmer says the symptoms seem to disappear on weekends, and the parents know there’s no evidence showing Wi-Fi is safe at the levels the kids are being exposed to.
He says no one has ever exposed children to microwave radiation for 13 years, starting at four years old, which he describes as an “experiment” that is underway in schools.

WiFi is ubiquitous. 

Drive down any street, sit in any cafe and open up your scanner and you’ll be bombarded with channels you could join.  Office buildings, with many unique companies sharing floors and towers, blast out WiFi signals for their staff.  In our homes, we often have a local network blasting WiFi from our desktop so we can access the web on notebooks, iPads, iPods and phones.

So why is it that the kids are getting sick?

Susan Clarke, a former research consultant to the Harvard School of Public Health, says young children absorb much more radiation than older children and adults because of their thinner skulls.
Professor Magda Havas of Trent University in Peterborough, who does research on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, says she is “increasingly concerned” about Wi-Fi use at schools.

I’d be curious to know your experiences with WiFi. 

Does it make you or your family sick, or is it a case of kids trying to pull a fast one?  As @andrewmacintyre responded “Mom, the wifi at school is making me sick so I have to stay home and play xbox, OK?”

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