It’s Not Me. It’s You

Old media talks down to its audience. New media engages its audience.

Do you recognize how vastly different those two sentences are? Those two simple sentences hold all the answers to all the problems old media, and old companies, have when it comes to new media. You can’t preach to your consumers, you have to inspire them.

Radio station websites need to not only have the recent chart and concert listings, it needs to have a two way dialogue between host and listener.

Blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are VITAL for the survival of the radio station brand, but they need to be a two way street. Just shouting out content at the listeners, without a way for them to interact, is like a radio station without a request line.

Whether or not you actually take requests is not the point, the listener needs to feel like they’re engaged in the process and have ownership of the station.

Social media gives the audience the ability to interact with the brand, but only if the brand interacts back. If you’re not listening to your Twitter stream responding to @ replies or questions on your Facebook page, you’re still broadcasting.

New media is not about me, it’s about you.

catch the buzz … pass it on.

This entry was originally posted November 10, 2008 on my Old Media New Tricks blog. I’m collecting those entries here to gather a more comprehensive list of my media insight posts.



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