Keeping Kids Safe

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Its tough keeping up with the kids on the computer. Be honest, they know more about the thing than you. So everytime you try and lay down some parental controls, google helps them hack a work around.

Well we finally have a tool that will let you lock. It. Down.

The KidSafe Parental Control Key was developed by Computer geeks and white-hat hackers in the UK developed to help lock down computer access in the easiest and most secure way possible. It’s a USB that is unique and cannot be duplicated. When inserted, the key allows your computer to boot and access the internet. When removed, the computer is locked tight, and unusable.

Kids today are smart, and can get around Windows passwords, and Internet filtering programs pretty easily, but the KidSafe key protects your computer and your kids with a physical key.

It’s stronger, more reliable, and more convenient than passwords. It can’t be uninstalled or worked around – even by booting to safe-mode.

So um .. don’t lose it.

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  1. July 2, 2008

    I tried Kidsafe but didn’t like it. I found that Sentry Parental Controls did a much better job of monitoring my children’s access on the Internet.

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