Keeping your Resolution Fit

You haven’t broken your New Year’s Resolution already, have you? Believe in second chances, believe in technology, and you can get it done.

The biggest resolution goal is fitness or weight loss. There are dozens and dozens of websites and Facebook Groups and apps to help you get it done.

Sensei is an application for your mobile phone. You visit a website, input your program goals and lifestyle and the web then sends messages and with customized menus, personalized workouts and encouragement directly to your phone.

You can try it free for 3 days, after that it’s about $6 a week.

Gimme20 started last January and is still helping people get and stay in shape. It’s a free resource that will build workouts for you, or track the current workout you’ve built for yourself.

Exercise guides, advice and a message board are also built in to the site. If you really want to keep yourself honest, load up the Facebook app which will post your workouts and results on your profile.

I think publicizing your resolution is a good way to be held accountable. Utterz is a social networking micro blogging site which is helping people publicize their resolutions.

If you were lucky enough to score a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, there are workouts built around the sports games. Wii Healthy is a weblog helping you play video games and lose weight! They have a 10 week program which will have you playing Wii Sports for up to 45 minutes a day. Stick mostly to the boxing and tennis games and you’ll do the best.

My resolution is to simply try harder. To put out a more focused effort. My inspiration comes from dot com billionaire, Mark Cuban, who wrote this week:

“In sports, the only thing a player or coach can truly control is effort. The same applies to business.” [link]

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