+1 for the internet today.

Kevin Rose, creator of Digg and webstar to millions, broadcasted from 35 000 feet using Ustream and Virgin Airline‘s inflight Wifi today.

Kevin is flying from San Francisco to New York to guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.

Word quickly spread on Twitter between Kevin Rose and Virgin America.

kevin rose ustream virgin america

kevin rose ustream virgin america

Broadcasting on Ustream from a plane. Within minutes close to 1000 people were watching Kevin sitting in first class with a toque and headphones on working on his laptop, sipping water and smirking at the comments flying across the chat window.

kevin rose ustream virgin america

It’s not the reinvention of the wheel, but it was pretty cool – in a nerdy way.

It’s just another one of those really cool milestone things that the internet can let you do and most of the world just has no clue about.

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