Label Maker Ideas For Back To School

Zacharie And The Label Maker

[twitter]What’s the over/under on the number of days before the Lost and Found at school has stuff in it?

First day. Easy.

Which is why we label. It won’t stop your kid from losing stuff, but it might help you find it again. Because it will either end up in the Lost and Found or another parent will see an item with the wrong name in it come home and track you down.

You hope.

Apart from raising kids that don’t lose things, smart labelling is the best you can do.

This year, I’m putting the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker through the paces sticking notes on lunch bags, shoes, jackets, backpacks, water bottles,

Charlie labelled water bottle

and everything else that will be leaving this house this fall.

Zacharie And The Label Maker

I hope I don’t lose the kid.

Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker REVIEW

Out of the box, it’s easy to understand. You load in your printing tape cassette through the top (total throwback to the 80s) and then you can select font, layout, size, and background by cycling through the menus. There are 8 font sizes and you could print up to 7 lines of text.

I printed out the big labels for my boys’ things (because boys), but you could make them smaller, and even add bar codes (to keep accurate inventory). You can load it with different colours of TZe tape and different sized TZe tape to fit what you need to label.

There are also iron-on labels that you can print off so you can label your kids’ clothing to be easily found in the Lost and Found.

And, to keep labelling the same things over, and over, and over again, this unit lets you save up to 99 labels so you can fire them off again easily.

Design is easy by hooking the PT 600 printer up to your PC. You can then drag and drop designs on the desktop and quickly print them out. No PC? No problem. This works as a stand alone unit just fine.

The Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker retails for $130 and is multi-purpose not just for back-to-school but for organizing the whole home.


  • Organizing toy bins in the play room (LEGO, HOT WHEELS, etc)
  • Organizing the office (labelling folders, drawers, etc)
  • Organizing the garage (label hooks and shelves)
  • Organizing the home theatre
    – Add tape labels to the cords and then place corresponding labels on the back of your home theatre unit so you know which cord does where

Brother PT-D600 Label Maker

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