Looking for a new laptop? Here’s some top tips!

Whether it is Black Friday, Christmas or any other time of the year, a new laptop is a reasonably significant purchase.

Whether you need an upgrade on your existing machine, or need a laptop with features and functions you have not had before, doing a little due diligence on your purchase is very wise.

This article takes you on the journey from the initial idea to having your new gadget in your possession. With it, you can approach your search prepared and with confidence.

Your use case

Although it may be tempting to think that everyone uses a laptop in a similar way, this is simply not true. Each person has their own needs, or use case, for their laptop.

Consider whether you are a low usage user, medium user or an intense user of your laptop.

Low usage includes activities such as surfing the net, managing household administration, replying to emails, or checking social networks, and managing your family’s photos and videos.

Medium users expect their laptops to be able to play music online, work on spreadsheets, and use some slightly more demanding software such as time management or accounting platforms.

Intense users generally require many browser tabs open at the same time, the ability to concurrently run multiple programs, and utilize video production packages.

Which laptop best fits your needs?

Naturally, the more you expect your laptop to be able to do, the more you will need to invest in it. This means looking for slightly higher specifications of processor (CPU), memory (RAM), and some kind of storage (SSD or hard drive).

You will also need to factor in screen size and resolution, as well as the overall build and design of your machine.

Depending how much you intend to take your laptop around with you, you will also need to assess its build quality and durability. Doing so can ensure it is robust enough for regular travel, while being lightweight enough for you to carry comfortably.

If possible, check out the keyboard configuration to see if you are comfortable with it. All laptops are slightly different, and you will quickly adjust to it, but check you like the key action and layout as well as the responsiveness of the touchpad.

Traditional design, or 2-in-1?

As R&D becomes more innovative in the laptop market, new options continue to emerge. 2- in-1 laptops offer users the ability to combine a laptop and a tablet. This means you can easily detach the screen to create a tablet, while reattaching it makes it back into a more traditional laptop design.

This means you can take the keyboard off for working in tight spaces such as on an airplane or in a crowded train station. By doing so you never lose a moment to work, read or review important documents before a meeting.

Choosing an operating system

Your OS is your digital world. Whether you opt for Windows, macOS or Chrome OS, your operating system is your lens into your digital world.

The operating system is mainly down to user preference and budget. A general rule of thumb is that Windows is the common, flexible option, macOS is for Apple aficionados, while Chrome OS is the cheaper but still effective alternative.

Keeping connected

As you close in on your selection, think too about how you want your laptop to be able to connect to the internet. WiFi networking is a standard on all modern devices, but consider whether you want Bluetooth functionality to be able to connect peripherals.

If you operate IoT devices in your home, you may also want to consider your laptop’s connectivity with devices such as Alexa or Google Nest.

In the event that a device is not Bluetooth enabled, you should also consider whether you want a few physical ports on your laptop. USB ports are a versatile option for plugging in mice, memory cards and gaming controllers, whereas HDMI ports are perfect for connecting monitors or TVs.

Staying secure

Everyone has read about cyber attacks or ransomware. With attacks becoming increasingly common, assuming that it won’t happen to you is naïve. Although there are many software options to secure your device, you can also look for fingerprint ID, and privacy options for webcams.

Shop around

With these things in mind, you can quickly narrow down your search criteria within your price range. You will see there are a plethora of options from cheap laptops for sale to more expensive ones, the biggest brands to more niche players.

We hope this article has been useful, and that your search goes well!



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