MacBook Breaks $1000 Barrier (But Not in Canada)

Today at the Apple Stevenote, there was much to smile about as a new line of MacBooks was announced, as well as a price drop.

“Apple has invented a whole new way of building notebooks from a single block of aluminum. And, just as important, they are the industry’s greenest notebooks,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “The new MacBooks offer incredible features our users will love —like their stunning all-metal design, great 3D graphics and LED backlit displays—at prices up to $700 less than before.”

Some are heralding the price drop of a basic MacBook to US$999 as a significant milestone in marketing. With so many PC laptops shipping for just a few hundred, Apple needed to get it’s foot in the sub $1000 marketplace. So they did .. but not in Canada.

Here’s the price comparison for the big announcements today.

$1 149 (CAN) / $999 (US)
An updated 13-inch white MacBook featuring 2.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors, a 120GB 5400 rpm hard drive and a slot-load 8X SuperDrive®

$1 399 (CAN) / $1 299 (US)
2.0 GHz, 13-inch aluminum MacBook

$1 749 (CAN) / $1 599 (US)

2.4 GHz aluminum MacBook

$2 149 (CAN) / $1 999 (US)
2.4 GHz, 15-inch aluminum MacBook Pro

$2 699 (CAN) / $2 499 (US)

2.53 GHz aluminum MacBook Pro

$1 999 (CAN) / $1 799 (US)
1.6 GHz MacBook Air

$2 749 (CAN) / $2 499 (US)

1.86 GHz MacBook Air

$2 999 (CAN) / $2 799 (US)
2.5GHz 17-inch MacBook Pro

Sure, a few months ago we had a $1.04 dollar, today it’s around .87, and we’re paying a premium for the products again.



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