How To Win At Marketing: Meet Every Listener

colin and justin at the calgary home show

colin and justin at the calgary home show
[twitter]The true power of social media is that it allows big companies to make personal connections. An “@” on Twitter isn’t a broadcast message to tens of thousands of people, its an intimate and personal exchange.

Reach out and make personal connections and you’ll go farther than shouting the loudest. It’s something I tackled in Times Square or Twitter. Make one solid personal connection and you’ll experience the multiplication of “telling two friends and so on.”

Colin and Justin are two of the most celebrated designers and tv hosts in the market. They have one foot in Canada, another in the UK and commute back and forth appearing on their own Home Heist show while guesting on other things like I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Their home decorating success comes from making personal connections. They come in and flip someone’s living room and the whole block will hear about it. The personal relationship they make with clients is key.

So it shouldnt be surprising that when I had a chance to meet Colin and Justin at the Calgary Home Show, they would make a personal connection worthy of telling the world about.

colin and justin and buzz bishop at calgary home showJustin is famous for his flamboyant choice of corsage. Never mind a dainty bud of a flower on his lapel, Justin is more comfortabe with an entire branch stapled to his shoulder – no matter the outfit. As we got prepared to go and meet them, my wife suggested we get something for our son to give them. We quickly crafted a bold flower out of construction paper and gave it to Zacharie to present to the boys.

Justin politely accepted it backstage and then, 30 minutes later, pranced out in his outfit and singled Zacharie out in the audience to thank him for the lovely flower. A simple subtle touch.

There are athletes who will charge people $160 for the privelege of getting their autograph, there are others who will stand at the side of the arena signing each and every item until all fans have been thrilled.

Colin and JustinIn radio, where we perform hidden behind a microphone invisible to the audience, I call these personal connections where you have a chance to “meet every listener.” Whether it’s emceeing a 10k run or hitting up a bar for a cheerleading fundraiser, it’s something outside the job description that gives the chance to make a personal connection with the audience.

You could also call it “meeting every consumer.”

When you have a chance to make a personal connection and turn a run of the mill encounter into something special and meaningful for your audience, will you charge them for the privilege or wear a childish cardboard flower on stage?

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