revolution themesiPods work great to get music off your computer to take with you, but after that, the sharing stops. The devices work in one direction, they pull, not necessarily push.

MiShare offers a solution to take tracks from your iPod and share them with your friends it’s a tight little package featuring two male adapters that slot into the female ends of each iPod.

No cables, no computers, just plug everyone together in a musical daisy chain and then press the big button.

miShare allows you to navigate and share music, video and photo. It uses the On-The-Go playlist for multiple songs—simply create an On-The-Go playlist on the source iPod by selecting by song, artist, album, or even playlist.

The MiShare is great on older iPods, mini and nanos, but it doesn’t work with the iPhone or iPod touch.

miShare strictly honors all digital rights management (DRM), including purchases from Apple’s iTunes. miShare does not unlock DRM. Locked DRM files are copied to the disk area of the target iPod, for fresh authorization with a valid password.

iTunes purchases can be authorized for up to five computers and iPods.

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