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revolution themesOverlay.TV is a revolutionary video-commerce platform that helps you personalize and monetize videos online.

The Overlay.TV platform offers a simple way for publishers to link images within a video to marketers’ web sites – instantly converting passive online video content into an interactive revenue model.

The platform is now available where you can customize a video and embed the overlaid video anywhere, including blogs, personal websites and social networking profiles.

Overlay.TV has also developed a specific application for Facebook users, allowing single sign-on so that current Facebook users can use their Facebook log-in information to seamlessly access the Overlay.TV site.

Rob Lane of Overlay.TV says “By linking publishers, viewers of online video and marketers, Overlay.TV is transforming user-generated video content from a passive vehicle for entertainment or education, into an interactive vehicle for commerce,”

You can overlay pictures, words, graphics on top of video and link to products or information on external websites. They can then share the enhanced video via email, their blogs, social networking profiles, personal websites and social bookmarking sites like and Digg.

One other cool thing about Overlay – they’re from Ottawa.

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