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gary vee - buzzbishop.comOkay, you’ve got a business, and you’ve got a website. Good for you.

But – and there’s always a but – is the website just a pamphlet for the business, or are you treating it like its own separate identity with a strategy and personality all its own?

They really should be separate in approach.

If you need an idea of how to get it done, look at Gary Vee. He has a family wine shop in New Jersey and a website for it online. But the site is not just a description of his stock and directions to the store and hours, it’s a complete web experience with a blog, video blog and more.

Gary started the video blog 2 years ago and it really took off when he did a segment on Conan where he was drinking sav blanc and eating grass, drinking pinot and chomping on cigars. You see, Gary is passionate about his wine and he loves to share his love through his website and videos.

“I want people to try different wines,” says Gary. “How can you have a favorite if you only know a few? Don’t feel pressured to like popular brands or what experts recommend. Buy what ‘brings the thunder’ for you.”

At the recent SXSWi conference, the big star of the show was Gary Vee and his passion for wine and technology and people. The conference was all about social networking, Gary took it to heart and made online headlines when he hosted an impromptu, free wine party.

Gary is trying to change the way people see wine, but he’s also changing the way we can use the web.

Last week he became the talk of Twitter again when he announced Good People Day, a day when everyone would stand up and announce who deserved some credit for doing things right.

“It is time that we take control of the fact that WE are the media and pump out a day that will make NOISE across this WORLD,” Gary announced on his blog. “Please take the time tonight to gather your thoughts as you come up with ideas on how to spread the word about AWESOME people!”

If your website is just an online pamphlet, you need to change things up a bit. So grab a chardonnay and see how an awesome guy like Gary gets it done.

catch the buzz… pass it on.

This article was originally published in 24hrs Vancouver on April 9, 2008



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